Whether you suffer from long-standing pain patterns, acute injury, or just need to relax and release stress and tension, we collaborate with you in creating a treatment with the best potential for positive results. Utilizing thirteen years of experience and advanced training in medical massage, trigger point therapy, postural assessment, myofascial pain, stretching techniques, movement therapy, and energy work, each treatment is uniquely designed in response to your unique presentation.


We have successfully treated ...

rotator cuff injuries  |  migraines  |  golfer’s & tennis elbow 

chronic low back pain  |  carpal tunnel  |  sciatica  |  sprains & strains

whiplash  |  lymphedema  |  leg-length discrepancies  |  scoliosis  |  stress

TMJ  |  limited mobility  |  knee pain  |  plantar fasciaitis  |  thoracic outlet syndrome

nerve impingements  |  hip distortions  |  fibromyalgia  |  scar tissue  |  frozen shoulder