Erica is guided by a deep commitment to

balance both the physical and non-physical aspects in her practice and in her life. 

She began her exploration of hands-on healing with energy work, receiving first and second level Reiki initiations in 2004. 

In 2006 she completed her foundational training at the Taos School of Massage, specializing in deep tissue treatments and soft tissue mobilization. Inspired by the Institute for Total Person Facilitation, this program included further studies in applied kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming, tai chi & chi gong, internal organ massage, nutritional considerations, and communication techniques of deep listening.

When she attended her first medical massage seminar in 2009, she realized that her practice had a much greater potential for healing than she previously understood. She spent a number of years in medical massage training and received her certification from the Body Therapy Institute in 2016.

Also in 2016, Erica took hypnotherapy and life coach training through Gray Academy, with a specialty in mindfulness coaching. Although she is not a practicing hypnotherapist or life coach, these techniques have proven invaluable in her overall understanding of the human body and mind, and easily lend themselves to enhanced communication and rapport-building with her clients. 


Erica is a devout learner, and strives to

access the fullest expression of human potential both for herself and for those she works with. Her kinesthetic awareness is not just professional, it is personal. Maintaining a daily meditation practice, an amateur acrobat hobby, and a small family farm all require attention to the strengths and limitations of her own anatomy, which in turn offer insights for her professional practice. She is grateful to be of service in this way, and looks forward to working with you.