What is your specialty?

I strive not to over-specialize. There are so many valuable modalities in this line of work, I use as many as possible to get the best results for my clients. That being said, I could sum up my approach as being firmly rooted in deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy, informed by postural assessment, and strongly influenced by the fact that deep work need not be painful. I blend my overall flow with the specific work you need to create a treatment that is unique to you. 

What are your rates? 

$60/hr - $90/90 minutes.

Two hour sessions are available under certain circumstances, please speak to your practitioner directly.

What is Medical Massage? 

Medical massage is outcome-based massage. The medical massage therapist is trained in a variety of modalities, and uses the techniques they find appropriate to resolve their clients’ complaints. After an assessment of posture, gait, and/or range of motion, a treatment plan is put together that is client-specific; based on the current status and desired outcomes. The medical massage therapist will work to enhance any specialized treatment you may have received from other health and wellness professionals. If they feel it’s appropriate that you receive treatment they cannot offer, they will refer you to the proper professional.

What is Manual Therapy ?

Manual Therapy is a clinical approach that utilizes skilled and specific hands-on techniques. Massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopathic physicians all use manual therapies to treat musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction, or disability. All manual therapies require specific training to properly treat joints, connective tissues or skeletal muscles. Some manual therapies are outside the scope of practice for certain professions; i.e. a massage therapist can use manual therapy to mobilize a joint, but cannot use it to deliver spinal adjustments.

Do you take insurance?

Not yet. Stay tuned, as we are actively pursuing the ability to bill for auto injury and workman's comp claims.